SearchScene is a charitable search engine that donates 95% of its profits to charity, focusing on charities that help fight climate change and alleviate the suffering caused by climate change. Check out our short video below…

A Unique Way to Fight Climate Change

SearchScene is a unique search engine that allows you to fight climate change without spending any of your additional time or money. You simply do what you do anyway – search the web!

If everyone that used Google switched to using SearchScene, we could plant enough trees to fill the entire Amazon rainforest – not just once, but every year! We could also end world hunger, eradicate polio, provide clean drinking water to millions of children, fight extreme poverty, save the penguins and polar bears, and lots more! And all you need to do is make the switch to SearchScene!

We Make Money From Advertising – Just Like Google

Like Google, Bing and most other search engines, SearchScene makes its money from advertising - these are the ads that appear above and below your search results. If you find an ad that interests you and you click on it, we get paid a small fee by the advertiser – this is the same way that Google and Bing make money.

The big difference between SearchScene and other search engines is that, instead of hoarding all our profits, we donate 95% of our profits to charity.

Select the Charities You Want to Support

You can choose the charities you wish to support by clicking on the heart-shaped charity icon at the top right of any page and ticking the boxes next to each of your chosen charities.

Our search counter helps you keep track of how many searches you've made on each computer or device.

We focus on supporting a select group of major international charities that help fight climate change and alleviate the suffering caused by climate change. You can read about our supported charities here.

Our Unique Charity Voting System

How your vote is divided up

Every search you make counts as a vote and that vote is divided up between your chosen charities.

At the end of each year, we take the aggregate votes for each charity on our list and divide our charitable contributions between them accordingly. Read more about our unique charity voting system here.

Scroll to the bottom of our charity voting page to see your personal voting history.


Your trust is hugely important to us and so we publish our donation receipts from all our chosen charities at the end of each quarter. Wherever possible, these receipts contain receipt numbers or transaction IDs, which means the donations can be traced.

A First-Class Search Experience

By using Microsoft Bing as the basis for our search results, we are able to give you a truly first-class search experience with up-to-the-minute, relevant results for all your search queries.

But we don't stop there... we also enhance the search results we get from Bing with our own algorithms and relevant data from a wealth of other sources, such as Wikipedia, IMDb, Spotify, Goodreads, Tripadvisor and so on. This gives you the enriched search experience that you would normally only get from Google or Bing itself, comprising a mashup of the latest web results, top stories, image results, video results, instant answers and advanced knowledge panels with additional information related to your search query.

Dark Mode

SearchScene also includes a dark mode – simply flick the switch in the side menu to activate it and your search results will go dark. This is great for reducing eye-strain when searching the web, especially in low light. It also saves energy, which in turn helps save the planet just that little bit more.

The World's Most Beautiful Search Engine?

SearchScene shows you new, beautiful wallpaper scenery on its homepage with every visit you make to the site (hence the name SearchScene). Not only do you get a first-class search experience, but you can also discover the world's most beautiful places as you search. You can choose to make the scenery change with every reload of the homepage, every 5/15/60 minutes, or just get a new scene every day. Click on the camera icon at the bottom-right of the homepage to see a description of the image.

You can also set your own homepage wallpaper by choosing an image from your computer or mobile device. Want a wallpaper image of your children, cat or favourite football team? No problem. Just select your own image using the button on the side menu of the homepage.

Prefer a Blank Homepage?

If you prefer, you can switch off the wallpaper images completely and use the blank version of SearchScene for a Google-like minimalist look. To do this, disable the setting 'Show Homepage Scenery' in the side menu. This results in a faster loading homepage.

Repeat Your Search on Google with One Click

In the unlikely event that you can't find what you're looking for on SearchScene, you can repeat your search on Google with just one click. Look out for the button below at the bottom of all our search results pages.


Your privacy is our number one priority. Unlike some well-known search engines, SearchScene does not track you across the web. We don't spy on you. We don't profile you. And for your added peace of mind, we automatically delete our server logs every 30 days. Read our Privacy Policy in full here.

Try it For One Week!

Install one of our browser extensions or set SearchScene as your homepage and give it a try - even if it's just for one week! You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that you'll be helping to fight climate change and alleviate suffering and poverty in the world's poorest places with every search you make.

If, after one week, you decide you don't like it for some reason and want to switch back to your old search engine, then our browser extensions can be easily uninstalled.

...and if you like it, share it!

We depend heavily on our users to share their experience of using the site with others. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell the cat. Tell everyone! If we all make the change, we can really make a difference.

Please help us spread the word by sharing the site...

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