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SearchScene is all about numbers. It's about what we can achieve when we all work together for a common cause.

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About these numbers: These numbers are estimates and are subject to adjustment. At SearchScene, we guarantee to donate 95% of our profits to the charities you choose. Your tokens vary in value, although typically average around 0.5¢ (USD) per token. Because your tokens vary in value and because the costs of trees, drinking water, blankets, etc., may also vary, the numbers quoted above are estimates and are subject to change.

The tokens you allocated to tree-planting will be used for trees via our partner charity, Eden Reforestation Projects. All other numbers are equivalent to our donation amounts and are representative of how our donations might have been spent, according to data provided on the charities' websites. So, for instance, a donation amount equivalent to 100 malaria treatments to UNHCR might instead have been spent on 1,855 mosquito nets, 49 emergency rescue kits, 746 jerry cans, etc.. We do not dictate to charities how they should spend our donations. Allowing our supported charities to spend our donations as they see fit, allows them to allocate funds to where they are needed most at any given time.

CO₂ impact: The amount of CO₂ that a tree sequesters depends on a wide variety of factors, such as the tree species, the age of the tree, its location, the growing conditions, water availability, sunlight, local climate, soil nutrients, its current growth stage, the root system and various site specific factors, such as biotic factors (e.g., insects, and other flora and fauna, diseases, etc.). However, for the purposes of averaging the CO₂ sequestered for an "average" tree, we have assumed a sequestration rate of 10 kg of CO₂ per year over a 20 year lifespan, giving each tree a CO₂ sequestration figure of 200 kg. You can read more on that here.

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