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Thanks to your use of SearchScene, we have already:

Read more about these numbers and see proof of donations

SearchScene is a search engine that helps fight climate change.

We donate most of our profits to charity, with a focus on supporting charities that help fight climate change and alleviate the suffering caused by climate change.

Check out our short video below…

We earn money through search ads, just like any other search engine, but we donate 95% of our profits to charity.

You can choose the charities you want to support by clicking on the heart-shaped charity icon at the top-right of any page. At the end of each quarter, our donations will be divided up according to everyone's chosen charities.

Read more here

Using SearchScene to search the web is a unique way to help fight climate change and alleviate suffering.

Whether you know it or not, you use a search engine each time you search the web. Why not help save the planet at the same time, doing what you do anyway! Use SearchScene to search the web and raise money for charity with every search you make.

How SearchScene works

Your Privacy Protected

Your searches are no one else's business but yours. We don't save your searches, we don't store your IP address and we don't track you across the web. All your searches are encrypted and we don't sell your data to advertisers or third-parties.

Check out our Privacy Features

Privacy on the Go!

Download our mobile app to save the planet on your phone or tablet! Our app also automatically removes cross-site tracking cookies, social trackers, cryptominers and fingerprinters from every website you visit, giving you enhanced privacy that reaches beyond our search engine.

Install SearchScene

Who said that search engines have to be boring?

We show you different wallpaper scenery every time you visit our homepage, allowing you to discover some of the world's most beautiful places as you search.

What others are saying…

Love this. I have never tried to find an alternative to google but am pleased I have taken this leap of faith... Keep up the good work.
Catherine Cardrick
via Chrome browser extension
A complete, fully-functional alternative to the big search engines. You can support charities without compromising on experience. Love the fact that every search supports charities! :)
Laure Jeremie
via Chrome browser extension
Searching the web and giving 95% to charity? What could be better than that. :)
Miss Corgi
via Chrome browser extension
Only extension that donates 95% of their profits unlike others than donate 50-70%. Works fast, photos are beautiful and over all great experience
Night Crawler
via Chrome browser extension
It's great, wonderful pictures! Easy to use interface, ability to search google etc if the searchscene browser doesn't bring enough information.
katri hmmm
via Chrome browser extension
I really like this as a search engine - I feel I am making a bit of a difference without having to change my habits at all :-)
CW Pathfinders
via Chrome browser extension
Unlike the other charitable search engines, this one lets you support multiple charities. You get a new image every new tab. They don't track you or use dangerous cookies.
via Chrome browser extension
Love using search scene and have no issues with its capabilities. Feels good to contribute to ethical companies who care about the planet and not the bottom line.
Donna Kasse
via Chrome browser extension
5 Stars easily, I love this search engine and I love how it gives to charity. Thanks for making this.
Forever Squad
via Chrome browser extension
It's great knowing that you are helping charities just by searching the web. SearchScene has great search results. I don't know why everyone isn't using it!
Firefox user 15333244
via Firefox browser extension
The Best charitable search engine out there! This should be chosen as a way to give back to the planet without compromising on anything!
Firefox user 16672425
via Firefox browser extension
This is a really nice looking search engine with attractive wallpapers - their charitable angle is also big bonus! So far the search experience seems as good as Google...
Maisie C
via Firefox browser extension
As good as Google, with the added benefit of doing some good at the same time.
via Edge browser extension
Fast, easy-to-use and accurate search engine - as good as Google if not better.
via Edge browser extension
Perfectly good search engine. Very happy to have changed to this from my usual search engine.
via Edge browser extension
Great search results, beautiful scenery, and doesn't track your searches on their servers... 100% recommend you download! Keep it up!
via Google Play Store (Android user)
This is a great app! It’s fast, I find what I’m looking for quickly... Plus I know some trees are being planted because of my searches. What’s not to like!?
via Apple Store (iPhone app user)
This app makes searching and browsing a very pleasing experience. The wallpapers look great, it works well... The best part is that every search raises money for charity!
via Apple Store (iPhone app user)

Together we can make a difference.

Install our browser extension or download our app and help make the world a better place with every search you make.

SearchScene - saving the planet, one search at a time!
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