SearchScene is a charitable search engine. We earn money through search ads, just like any other search engine, but the big difference is that we donate 95% of our profits to major international charities that are fighting climate change. SearchScene is also extremely private, allowing you to search the web without being tracked. You can read more about how SearchScene works here.

Add the SearchScene browser extension to your desktop web browser or install our mobile app and help save the planet with every search you make!

Add SearchScene to Chrome

For Desktops and Laptops: Install Our Browser Extension

We have browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome and Edge desktop browsers.

Our browser extension does three things:

  1. It sets your homepage to, letting you start your day with stunning new scenery.
  2. It loads every time you open a new tab, giving you a new wallpaper scene with every new tab you open.
  3. It sets your default search engine to SearchScene. Type any search query into your browser's address bar and your search will then be executed on SearchScene.

Unfortunately, we do not have a browser extension available for your browser at the moment, but you can still easily set as your homepage – click here to see how!

Add SearchScene to Chrome

For Mobile Phones and Tablets: Download Our App

Our app is available for iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets.

Our mobile apps are fully-featured web browsers for your phone or tablet, based on the extremely private, award-winning Firefox mobile browsers. Apart from all the features you would normally expect from your mobile web browser, the main additional features of our SearchScene browser are as follows:

  1. is set as the homepage
  2. SearchScene is set as the default search engine (although you can change this within settings)
  3. can be set as the new tab (on our iPhone/iPad app only)
  4. Enhanced privacy protection: our app removes cross-site tracking cookies, social trackers, cryptominers and fingerprinters from every website you visit.
  5. Quick search engines: select any search engine you like when typing in the app's address bar
  6. Incognito tabs: use these for private browsing
  7. Pin any websites you like to the new tab, for quick and easy access.

Click on one of the buttons below to install SearchScene on your phone or tablet...

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