Charitable Donations

You can choose the charities you want to support from our list of well-known, international charities.

We retain just 5% of our profits, which is enough to ensure that we have enough in savings for a rainy day and that SearchScene can remain in business in the long term. You can keep up to date with our charitable donations here.

To put our donation figure of 95% into perspective, if Google similarly donated 95% of its profits to charity, that would amount to roughly $93 billion each year (based on Google's parent company Alphabet's 2020 gross profits of $97.8 billion).

Instead of going to Google's shareholders, imagine how that money could be spent instead: tackling extreme poverty; digging wells; feeding the hungry; planting trees; dealing with the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable; and lobbying governments to cut carbon emissions, safeguard existing rainforests and adopt greener policies.

As an example, $93 billion per year could be used to:

  • Re-plant the entire Amazon rainforest (estimated at 390 billion trees at a cost of approximately $39 billion, assuming a tree-planting cost of $0.10 per tree). This number of trees could be planted not just once, but every single year!

This would still leave $24 billion to spare, which could be spent in any number of ways, for example it could be used to provide:

…and you would still have $13 billion left over, which could help WWF lobby governments to adopt greener policies and save the polar bears and countless other endangered species from extinction.

However you choose to spend it, the bottom line is that you could solve a lot of the world's problems with $93 billion every year!

So you can keep using Google and help make Google's shareholders even richer, or you can switch to SearchScene and help save the planet!

*Prices were correct at the time of writing in August 2021, but may have changed slightly since.

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