Tiered Donation Structure

We donate up to 95% of our profits to charity, in accordance with the tiered donation structure shown below.

Tiered Donation Structure chart

Using a tiered donation structure like this allows us to retain what we need to run the website, invest in future development, market the site and remain in business in the long term. As we accrue more and more users and serve ever more search queries, we donate a greater percentage of our profits to charity.

To put these figures into perspective, Google serves 5.8 billion searches per day (based on 2018 data). If SearchScene ever grows to such an extent that it serves just 1.7% of the searches that Google serves, we will have hit our 95% charitable donation threshold.

If Google similarly donated 95% of its profits to charity, that would amount to roughly $35 billion each year (based on its 2019 profits). Imagine how that amount of money could help charities around the world: tackling poverty, digging wells, feeding the hungry, dealing with the effects of climate change, planting trees and protecting the environment. That amount of money could end world hunger with $5 billion to spare!

So How Much Does Google Actually Donate to Charity?

Google does not market itself as a charitable search engine, so a comparison between SearchScene and Google in this regard is perhaps unfair. Nevertheless, Google does donate to charity via Google.org, its charitable branch. The amounts it donates vary and are not a set percentage of its profits. As an example, however, in 2017 Google donated $255 million in cash to charity. This amounted to just 0.9% of its $27.2 billion pretax profit for the year.

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