Web Search Features
Family Filter
  • Strict Enables the strictest version of the family filter.
  • Moderate Blocks pornography and other explicit sexual content.
  • Off Does not filter adult content from the search results.
Search results freshness
Filter the search results according to freshness.
Results per page
Choose how many results to display per page.
Open results in new window
When a search result is clicked on, open the web page in a new window.
Show search suggestions under the search box as you type
Video playback
Streaming video via SearchScene gives you the same privacy protection as viewing the video on the source website, i.e. your IP address may be logged by the source website, just as if you were watching the video there directly.
Play videos on hover
Allowing SearchScene to stream the video when you hover your pointer over it could compromise your privacy by allowing the video source site access to your IP address.
Include Wikipedia topic summaries
Provides a topic summary from the most relevant Wikipedia article, wherever possible.
Thumbnail Image Proxy

Choose whether to serve up image thumbnails using SearchScene as a proxy.

If selected, all images will be privately routed via SearchScene. This will prevent Bing from seeing your IP address when your browser requests any images contained in the search results, but it will slow down the loading of any images considerably.

If de-selected, any image thumbnails will be downloaded directly from Bing. This will be considerably faster but Bing will be able to see that any image requests came from your IP address. Although your search query will still be private, it is possible that Bing might be able to guess your search query from the image thumbnails associated with the search.

Proxy Thumbnail Images on Web Search Results
Proxy Thumbnail Images on Image Search Results
Proxy Thumbnail Images on Video Search Results
Proxy Thumbnail Images on News Search Results
"Open in Proxy" Links
Use a double proxy instead of a single proxy
This adds an extra proxy node in a location of your choice (see options below), but it reduces the download speed of the website considerably.

If activated, the additional proxy node will download the website first and then serve it up to our server, which will then serve it up to you. This method gives you control over where the proxy is located, but it also increases the download time considerably, since the website being proxied effectively needs to be downloaded three times, instead of just twice (as with a regular proxy).

If this switch is deactivated, SearchScene's proxy links will use SearchScene's server (hosted in the USA) as the only proxy and the website being proxied will load much faster (recommended for most users).

Select proxy location
Choose a proxy location for the additional proxy node used in the double-proxy. If set to "Worldwide", the additional proxy node will use one of up to 1,500 random IP addresses around the world.

Show warnings when I try to do the following on mobile and tablet devices (on desktop, warnings are shown by default).

Open a website in a proxy
When I try to open a web page via SearchScene's proxy, warn me that the web page may be slow to load.
Unproxy a website
When I try to leave the protection of SearchScene's proxy, warn me that my privacy may be compromised.
Background Wallpaper Features
Show background wallpaper
Switch on to show background wallpaper images and videos. Switch off to load a plain background for faster loading on poor internet connections.
Load images & videos
Switch on to load background videos as well as wallpaper images. Around one video wallpaper will be shown each week on average. Switch off to load images only. Recommended for slower internet connections.
Use Full HD images
Switch on to use High Definition images on faster internet connections. Switch off to use lower resolution, Standard Definition images on slower internet connections.
Use Quad HD images
Desktop only. Switch on to use Quad HD images (2560 × 1440) for very high definition image quality on large desktop monitors and fast internet connections. Switch off to use lower resolution HD or SD images on smaller monitors or slower internet connections.
Auto-image zoom out
Slow zoom-in on wallpaper images when they appear
Restore Defaults